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June 17, 2021

Charles Barkley DEMOLISHES Cancel Culture & Calls Hollywood Bosses COWARDS For Bending The Knee

TheQuartering [6/16/2021]

It’s great seeing people stand up to Cancel Culture!

According to SaturdayDownSouth:

Charles Barkley is getting tired of dealing with cancel culture.

The popular “Inside The NBA” host spoke out during a recent radio interview.

“It’s gotten so out of hand right now, I couldn’t imagine having to watch myself,” Barkley told WJFK 106.7 The Fan. “You can’t even have fun nowadays without these jackasses trying to get you canceled and things like that.”

In the same interview, Barkley discussed his plans for leaving “Inside the NBA.” Despite his issues with potentially being “canceled,” Barkley, 58, isn’t stepping away just yet.

“[I’m] just having fun, talking about sports. I’m trying to hang on for another couple years until I’m 60, and then they can kiss my ass.,” Barkley said. “I’m only working until 60. I’ve already told them that. We can’t even have fun anymore. We’ve had fun all these years, and now all of a sudden in the last year and a half, everybody’s trying to get everybody fired, and it really sucks.”

Barkley didn’t shy from criticizing his bosses, who told him to retire a long-running gag about the women of San Antonio.

“A lot of our bosses are cowards,” Barkley said. “They won’t even let me talk about San Antonio anymore! You know, when I’m always talking about them big ol’ women down in San Antonio?”

Barkley continued, “I was just joking around. One lady wrote this article, you’re gonna let one lady [cancel the joke] – we’ve been having fun with this for 10, 15 years.”

“Inside The NBA” won’t be the same when Sir Charles is 60. It sounds like the former Auburn basketball great plans to stop working at that age but he would certainly have other opportunities to share his opinions on sports if he wants to continue as a commentator.

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