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August 11, 2021

Chris Chan Courtroom Outburst! Things Get MUCH Worse After Tucker Carlson Coverage

TheQuartering [8/11/2021]

ChrisChan is a metaphor for everything that went wrong this century.

According to FoxNews:

A women’s rights activist criticized prison systems that house transgender women who were born male with biological women, citing concerns over sexual assaults.

Kara Dansky, of the U.S. Chapter of Women’s Human Rights Campaign, warned “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that there have been reported incidents of assaults stemming from biological males being housed in otherwise female populations.

She said that in California, a new policy allowed hundreds of biologically male prisoners to apply to be housed in women’s facilities.

“We approximate that 20 of them have been granted. There are 20 men being housed in women’s prisons now as far as we know –  We suspect that none of the applications have been denied. We also know that in Washington state, approximately nine male convicted felons are being housed in a women’s prison,” Dansky reported. 

“One of those men has been convicted of multiple murders of women, and another one of those men has been convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl. We know that in states all over this country, there are various policies for actual statutory laws on the books that allow for this, and in fact, mandate it.”

Dansky reported that her organization has had reports of “terrified” female inmates that are put in situations like this, going on to cite reporting that a California women’s prison is now distributing condoms after an inmate got pregnant behind bars.

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