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July 21, 2022

Creepy SJW Summer Camp For KIDS Revealed By Andy Ngo!

TheQuartering [7/21/2022]

According to FoxNews:

Learning how to make friendship bracelets is so last summer camp.

Portland, Oregon’s Budding Roses social justice summer camp appears to be teaching kids how to overthrow society instead.

Radio host Ari Hoffman revealed on Wednesday on “Fox & Friends First” that kids who attend this camp will not only learn how to “hate the police” — but how to become all around “little activists.”

Hoffman indicated that the camp uses specific Black Lives Matter curriculum — the same materials used in Seattle Public Schools that replaced Martin Luther King Jr. with “Marxist activists” and “hyper-sexualized education.”

“Your child, if they go to this Antifa camp, will be taught how to be a little activist,” he said.

“They’ll be taught how to deal with tear gas, how to protest,” he said.

“That’s what these parents are sending their kids to,” he said.

The Budding Rose curriculum includes teaching kids how to handle being sprayed with tear gas, learning from indigenous land maps and priming on police abolition.

It also reportedly includes a White supremacy reflection series and a BLM coloring book.

Hoffman described how Antifa rioters “think they’re untouchable” after taking “control” of Portland ever since the BLM protests in the summer of 2020.

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