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November 4, 2021

Dan Aykroyd SUPPORTS Cancel Culture! Ghostbusters: Afterlife Star Goes Against Dave Chappelle!

TheQuartering [11/3/2021]

Dan loves Cancel Culture, apparently.

According to HollywoodinToto:

It might be his impression of Julia Child, bleeding profusely all over her faux cooking set. What about his sleazy salesman hawking children’s costumes brimming with glass shards?

Or, perhaps it’s his recurring gig as Elwood Blues, half of the iconic Blues Brothers alongside the late John Belushi.

Some of these comic morsels would no longer be permitted in our woke age. Certainly a Blues Brothers pitch today would be derailed as “cultural appropriation,” given how the Blues are considered part of the black cultural experience.

It turns out the “SNL” alum would happily cancel himself.

Aykroyd, 69, just gave a dispiriting interview to the far-left Hollywood Reporter tied to “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” The November release, delayed several times due to the pandemic, casts Aykroyd as his beloved Ray Stantz character one more time.

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