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September 20, 2023

Dave Portnoy Just NUKED The Washington Post By Posting His Phone Call With Them! Mindblowing Stuff!

TheQuartering [9/20/2023]

According to Marca:

The always controversial and effervescent Dave Portnoy is Barstool Sports’ CEO and founder who has always been unapollogetic with his reporting style. He’s always dealt in sports but he also managed to touch on the pulse of people who not only love the game but also love all the banter that is usually associated with it. Amid his controversial personality, this has drawn him criticism and bad press from several of the so-called legacy media. They have gone out of their way to outline the more controversial aspects of his personality and affected Barstool Sports in the process. When he managed to sell the company, Portnoy never imagined he would get it back for free because the parent company’s new home iddn’t want to associate itself with Barstool Sports.

Dave Portnoy is no stranger to hit pieces or bad press, but all previous attempts have prepared him for new ones and given him a sixth sense that helps him react before they happen. This time around, Washinton Post reporter Emily Heil sent out an email to Dave Portnoy’s sponsors that are slated to work with him at the upcoming Pizzafest on Saturday. In this email, she asks for comment on these sponsors that were blurred out in Dave Portnoy’s counter offensive. Heil asks these sponsors to comment on the criticism they have drawn for being associated with Portnoy. Who “has a history of misogynistic comments and other problematic behavior.”

Naturally, Dave caught wind of this early and he decided to call Heil in order to record their full conversaiton. The video he uploaded on his multiple social media outlets shows him exposing the Washington Post reporter for trying to go behind Portnoy’s back as she prepares this hit piece against him. By pressing her in public, Emily Heil backtracks on her response and agrees to conduct a personal interview with Dave but the damage is done. This is yet another example of how legacy media hates personalities like Dave Portnoy and go to extreme lengths in order to smear their image in front of their audience. Barstool Sports fans were not happy about this and they flooded Emily Heil’s mentions on Twitter. This will make her think twice before writing anything else about Dave or Barstool Sports for that matter.

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