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May 7, 2022

Disastrous Woke Backfire After School Board STALKS Parents & Get Busted!

TheQuartering [5/7/2022]

According to The DailyMail:

A group of Arizona parents are suing a woke school board claiming teachers built a dossier about them after they complained about Critical Race Theory being taught in classrooms. 

Three parents say that the Scottsdale Unified School District board and its old president Jann-Michael Greenburg and the school board targeted them in 2020. 

Amanda Wray, Kimberly Stafford, and Edmond Richard along with other parents from the school, had complained about CRT and increasingly liberal agendas being pushed on their kids.

They staged protests outside the school and discussed their grievances on Facebook. 

They claim that the schoolboard then, in retaliation, started building a dossier about all of the parents who complained. 

They say they gathered their social security numbers, addresses, mortgage records, medical records and Facebook posts. 

It’s unclear why or what they intended to do with it. 

The parents first made the claims that the school board had a dossier on them back in November 2021.

At the time, the school board and Greenburg denied having anything to do with the dossier. 

It was made public when a Google drive link was shared among parents in the community. 

Also included was video footage of members of the anti-CRT group being filmed.

During the clip, a voice could be heard to say they were a private investigator who’d been hired to gather information on the group. 

The dossier contained information about 47 parents, but only three are plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed this week. 

It’s unclear how the social security numbers or medical records were obtained. 

One of the parents says their high school record was dug up by the board. 

They are seeking unspecified damages.

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