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November 3, 2023

Disney BUSTED Using Bot Army’s To Promote Woke Trash Like Snow White

TheQuartering [11/3/2023]

According to RedState:

Since the South Park episode attacking Kathleen Kennedy and Star Wars aired, former Star Wars actress Gina Carano has been going on the offensive against the company, using her behind-the-scenes knowledge to offer what tidbits of knowledge she can.

On Thursday, Carano offered some knowledge on X about Disney’s interest in Twitter, noting that back in 2016, Iger was “inches away” from buying the platform but pulled out over the presence of bots. Carano asked the question about how much the bot population on Twitter grew since that year:

In 2016 Bob Iger said Disney was basically inches away from buying Twitter but pulled out of the deal at the last minute saying they did a little more research & said this about Twitter users, “We, at that point, estimated with some of Twitter’s help that a substantial portion — not a majority — were not real.” 

What do you think that “substantial portion” of fake users grew to from 2016 to before Elon Musk took over X/Twitter in 2022? How big did the bot armies get? Who were the bot armies created by & to do what?

Carano noted that buying and controlling Twitter would be a massive headache, but that creating your own bot armies would be much cheaper and more effective:

Why buy Twitter & deal with that headache when you can create armies of bots & control the narrative for much, much less money & energy. It does your promoting for you without making it look like you are promoting yourself, “Look, it’s popular on all these accounts, strangely liked by a bunch of accounts with no names, it must be good.”

What Carano is insinuating at this point is that, instead of Disney buying up Twitter, it utilized the reason Disney refused to buy it to their advantage, noting that Disney’s agenda was usually supported on Twitter by a large number of no-name accounts with very few followers. 

Then she shifted gears and noted that it doesn’t always have to be used in support of a show or movie, but could be used to accomplish more sinister ends, including the silencing of those who don’t agree with their agendas…namely herself. Carano said that she sent an email to Disney brass about these bots that were going after her after the infamous tweet that was purposefully misinterpreted to make her appear antisemitic: 

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