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July 15, 2021

Disney Director Caught In 4K!

TheQuartering [7/15/2021]

Disney directors meltdown over Indiana Jones 5.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Indiana Jones 5 director James Mangold recently lied about his June temper tantrum and his attack on fans.

If you recall Mangold responded to Twitter user and YouTuber Matthew Kadish who posted his concerns about Indiana Jones 5 to Twitter.

Kadish wrote, “To anyone thinking Indiana Jones 5 might be good, just let me point out… 1. Steven Spielberg is not directing. 2. Kathleen Kennedy is producing. 3. Harrison Ford is 78 years old. 4. It’s written by Jonathan Kasdan, who wrote SOLO.”

Mangold directly responded to Kadish writing, “Thanks, Matt! 1) Keep making the world a better place crapping on things in the 1st week of production from your basement. 2) Never seen a script by Jon. Nothing against him. Just reality. Butterworths & I started from a blank page. 3) 1-3 r hugely talented & all at my side.”

Mangold would also describe Kadish as a “click baiter” and “night crawler.”

He wrote, “Thanks, Ax. I don’t mind people griping & prognosticating. But, on my watch, false info, agism & snark from so-called ‘journalists’ is gonna be confronted directly & forcefully.”

“IMO, these click baiters like to dish it out, but like night crawlers, can’t stand the light,” he added.

Now, Mangold is denying that he claimed Kadish lived in a basement in response to Twitter user Vebent’s own misgivings about Indiana Jones 5 from June.

Vebent wrote, “Except James Mangold comment on people criticizing him living in basements, I’m holding judgement on this Indy movie.”

He added, “The last one was a disappointment. Solo was a disappointment, but for all we know this may be a turn around for the franchise and the director.”

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