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August 9, 2023

Disney Hires Adult Man To Sell Women’s Clothes As ENTIRE DEI Board Gets SHUT DOWN

TheQuartering [8/9/2023]

According to FoxNews:

The Walt Disney Co. and TikTok influencer Seann Altman – a biological male who identifies as gender-fluid – have joined forces to market girls’ attire on social media in the latest move showing Disney’s solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

The promotional TikTok video posted for Disney Style, a division of the Walt Disney Co. that promotes its clothing and accessories and offers style inspiration to fans, features Altman dressed in a Minnie Mouse-style getup, complete with a red dress with a Mickey Mouse pattern, a white collar, black tights, a white petticoat and yellow heels. 

“Minnie is ME,” Altman, who uses he/him pronouns, wrote on the post. “I fit right in with Mickey and his friends! @disneystyle.”

To top off the look, Altman added in a belt, white lacy gloves, and a watch before putting on red lipstick and styling his hair in dual buns on either side of his head to channel the iconic “Minnie Mouse ears” look.

“I look just like Minnie Mouse!” Altman enthused. “But something’s missing…” He added a big red bow to his hair to further channel the Disney icon.

The post includes a paid partnership with Disney Style, who shared the video to its own TikTok account with the caption, “a minnie moment” with the “heart hands” emoji.

Fox News Digital reached out to Disney, Altman and a representative of Altman for comment, but did not hear back.

The development comes months after a TikTok showed a biological male dressed as the “Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice” while selling dresses to kids at Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

The video, posted by a mom documenting her Disneyland trip, garnered millions of views and received mixed reactions across social media at the time.

It also comes on the heels of last year’s contentious battle with officials over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, erroneously nicknamed by critics the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The fight, which prompted Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to revoke Disney’s self-governing status, extended into this year as well.

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