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June 21, 2021

Disney Just Tried Copyrighting God & It Backfired Hilariously

TheQuartering [6/21/2021]

Disney tries taking ownership of Norse mythology.

According to DailyDot:

Disney may be trying to claim copyright on images and merch of Loki.

These recreations aren’t just of the witty Marvel Cinematic Universe character who appears in a new Disney+ program. Even art specifically of the Norse deity, which predates the MCU character by a handful of centuries, could be claimed, according to an artist who posted a takedown notice of their Loki art from Redbubble.

Redbubble, a platform which allows artists to sell their work on stickers, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other items, sent an email to Twitter user @YourBoswell letting them know that a design they had uploaded was being removed from the platform because “it may contain material that violates someone’s rights.”

“The owner of these rights has provided us with guidance describing the type of content they consider infringing that should be removed from the marketplace,” the email continues. “In most cases, this means that the rights holder did not specifically identify your work for removal, but that Redbubble has detected potential similarity between your removed work and one or more words, phrases or images included in the rights holder’s removal guidance.”

The rights holder, in this case, is indicated to be Disney Enterprises, Inc. The art in question is green lettering that says “Low Key,” which is titled “Low Key Loki.”

This is causing some online to worry, as Loki is not just a character created by Disney or Marvel, but also a centuries-old deity still worshipped in the modern day.

@SoftThors pointed this out, stating that they hate the company for trying to claim a character older than the studio itself.

“oh for FUCKS sake,” @SoftThors wrote. “Ridiculous. So not even mythology Loki is allowed bc Disney owns that too apparently. I hate that company so much it’s ridiculous that I enjoy their movies and series so much I HATE THEM.”

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