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December 28, 2020

Disney Lucasfilm BLASTS Fan For Crying Over The Mandalorian Finale Star Wars Theory Vs Pablo Hidalgo

TheQuartering [12/28/2020]

This passion that some Star Wars fans exhibit is the very reason that these people even have jobs and it’s absolutely pathetic Pablo would do this.

According to Deserect:

“Star Wars” fans have called out Lucasfilm executive Pablo Hidalgo, who reportedly joked about and trolled a “Star Wars” YouTube personality over sharing his reactions on social media to “The Mandalorian.”

The controversy began when “Star Wars” YouTube personality Star Wars Theory posted a video of himself reacting to “The Mandalorian” Season 2 finale. Twitter screenshots show Pablo Hidalgo reacting to the video, saying “emotions are not sharing.”

  • Hidalgo later deleted the tweet. Then, he made it his Twitter coverage image.

The Star Wars Theory Twitter account later shared what happened:

  • “Pablo Hidalgo is chiming in on this thread which is making fun of me for being emotional over Luke Skywalker. I don’t mind trolls, but I can’t see what he’s said, and I’d hate to believe he would join in as a Lucasfilm official. Can someone who can see, screenshot his replies?”
  • “Well here it is. Basically Pablo validating that post and undermining my emotions. Expected more from someone so high up at Lucasfilm,” he tweeted.

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