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November 2, 2023

Disney PANICS As “Nuclear Bomb” Of Emails To Be Released On Woke Agenda & Targeting Of Youtubers

TheQuartering [11/2/2023]

According to BoundingIntoComics:

In the wake of Gina Carano putting Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm on blast, a new rumor details that a “nuclear bomb” of emails and notes about Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm story group members revealing their bad behavior will be made public in the near future.

This rumor comes in the wake of Kathleen Kennedy being lampooned by South Park and recent comments by Gina Carano summarizing how Kennedy treated her when she was fired from The Mandalorian.

Reacting to a clip from South Park: Joining the Panderverse, Carano wrote, “This is the part where KK demands any YouTubers get censored off of YouTube for sharing and laughing at this hilarious episode, she’ll have YouTube disable the thumbs down option because of the ratio she’ll receive, then she’ll have her publicist ghouls make sure Variety and Hollywood Reporter run hit pieces about the South Park creators and their families smearing their names through every useful idiot she has under her thumb who would sell their soul to work for Lucas film.”

“She’ll activate her online mob to repeat that the South Park creators are racist, bigot, transphobes, and demand the South Park creators publicly apologize by only using words she approves of,” Carano continued. “And finally she’ll demand they subject themselves to a re-education course of 45 people in the lbgtq community zoom call to sit there and listen of how badly they got their feelings hurt all over a little boop of a South Park episode.”

She concluded, “But maybe just maybe the jig is up.”

Carano would reveal in another post that under Kennedy’s leadership at Lucasfilm she was asked to unfollow people on social media “because they ‘said bad thing about Kathleen Kennedy.’”

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