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July 17, 2021

Do NOT Use This Phone! The Freedom Phone Is NOT What They Say!

TheQuartering [7/16/2021]

Scam Phone, more like.

According to HietchGlitz:

The introduction of an “uncensored” smartphone aimed at US Conservatives has been hailed by Trumpworld characters like Candace Owens and Jack Posobiec – but it may not be all it is supposed to be.

The $ 500 Freedom Phone is aimed at users who are concerned about big tech censorship and freedom of expression. It is preinstalled with apps like Parler, Rumble and the Newsxmax app as well as data protection protection.

Despite the price, the phone appears to be a makeover of Chinese phones that are available for just $ 119, according to multiple reports.

The phone has received rave reviews from across MAGAsphere – from Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec to Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander, who was banned from Twitter after the January 6th Capitol Uprising.

Candace Owens tweeted that she was a “proud partner” with the product and added a promotional code.

But as The Daily Beast reported, the phone comes from the Chinese budget brand Umidigi and comes with a hefty surcharge. Finman confirmed Umidigi’s origins but was unable to tell The Beast which of his models are using the Freedom Phone.

Matthew Hickey, co-founder of cybersecurity firm Hacker House, told the Daily Dot that the phone is most likely a rebranded version of Umidigi’s A9 Pro, an Android-based phone that retails for $ 133 and is only $ 119 – Dollar is available.

Umidigi’s most expensive model, the Bison Pro, which is usually $ 299 on the company’s website and only costs $ 190 elsewhere, doesn’t resemble the Freedom Phone’s promotional images, suggesting that the model is from the lower end.

The phone “can be purchased and shipped in bulk from Asia with custom logos and branding to create the appearance of a phone that was designed for a unique purpose,” said Hickey.

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