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February 17, 2021

Dream SMEARS Commentator John Swan & Is A Hypocrite Also Def Noodles Is A Hack! Caught In 4K

TheQuartering [2/16/2021]

I can’t imagine making Minecraft videos or watching them, but it seems like their community isn’t the greatest.

According to Sportskeeda:

Clay “Dream” has exposed a smaller commentary YouTuber for impersonating him and sending others racial slurs. He may have caught the YouTuber in his own lies and posted the DMs between the two.

John Swan, a commentary YouTuber, is the accused in question. Not much was known of their drama until their situation boiled over, and they began to argue on Twitter over precisely what happened.

Dream claimed he talked to John Swan, who alleged he wasn’t at fault. The former implied he didn’t believe the story, and admitted so later on. When John Swan saw the unofficial subreddit, he commented on Twitter, supposedly so everyone could see his side of the story.

Dream DM’d John Swan and asked about what happened. In the DMs, there was a hiccup from John Swan where he immediately said he wasn’t on Discord, despite Dream not saying that. However, fans don’t have full context on the situation.

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