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August 29, 2023

Dylan Mulvaney Is BACK Blasts Bud Light & Gets INSANE Award At The Streamys!

TheQuartering [8/28/2023]

According to TheNYPost:

Controversial transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney called out the “extreme amount of transphobia and hate” after winning Breakout Creator at the 2023 Streamy Awards — declaring she would celebrate the win by cracking open a beer.

Mulvaney, 26, — wearing a blond wig and a red satin minidress with matching kitten heels — took the stage after winning one of the most sought-after titles by content creators at Sunday night’s award ceremony and used the moment to comment on the hate she’s been subjected since her Bud Light marketing disaster in April.

“My life has been changed for the better,” the trans influencer said while clutching her award.

“But also there’s been an extreme amount of transphobia and hate, and I know that my community is feeling it, and I know that even our allies are feeling it.”

Cheerfully commenting on the number of “allies that have platforms” present while giving her speech, Mulvaney asked them to look at “allyship” differently.

“You need to support trans people publicly and proudly,’ she proclaimed before being interrupted by a storm of applause from the audience.

Mulvaney went on to compare her fellow creators to the trans community.

“I think the trans community and the creator community actually have something in common. It’s that people often underestimate us,” she explained before asking for others to stay “optimistic” about acceptance for the transgender community.

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