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March 31, 2021

Easter Gets WOKE As All “Easter” Mentions Scrubbed From Candy For ABSURD Reason!

TheQuartering [3/31/2021]

Nobody can enjoy anything.

According to the DailyExpress:

With Easter around the corner, shelves are stocked full of confectionery goods but the likes of Galaxy, which is made by Mars, has removed the word “Easter” and “egg” anywhere on its outer packaging. Others have moved the description to side labels or on the chocolate itself.

And now, Allyson Stewart-Allen, chief executive of International Marketing Partners, said it is to make sure “non-Christian countries are not compromised”.

She said: “The fact that brands are removing the words ‘Easter’ and ‘egg’ from their confectionery products this season is an attempt to find ways not to avoid the words but to make sure their marketing opportunities in non-Christian countries are not compromised.

“In the multi-cultural society that the UK now is it may be that the majority of target customers do not celebrate Easter and therefore being able to offer that product as a gift for non-Christians is a domestic opportunity for the manufacturers.

“If this is a sign of a deeper trend then expect December 2021 to possibly be a time of seasonal rather than Christmas items as manufacturers try to maximize the market opportunity.”

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