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March 6, 2022

Elden Ring CRUSHES Sales Records & Twitter Has A MELTDOWN After Being Proven WRONG

TheQuartering [3/5/2022]

According to Level80:

Apart from brilliant reviews, the recently launched Elden Ring has already shown tremendous results. According to the latest game sales data (GSD) released to Games Industry, the game has become the biggest UK video launch for a game that isn’t Call of Duty or FIFA since 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2.

Elden Ring’s sales even outshined the results of Horizon: Forbidden West launched last week. The title sold 2.5 times more copies than the newly-released Aloy’s adventure. Although, it’s worth noting that Horizon’s sequel is a PlayStation exclusive while Elden Ring is a multiplatform game.

GSD’s figures also indicate that digital downloads accounted for more than 68% of sales, with PC and Xbox being the driving platforms. Around 85% of sales on Xbox were digital, compared to 73% on PC while over a half of purchases on PS5 and PS4 were digital. Combined digital and physical sales figures show that 32% of purchases were made on PlayStation 5, 30% on PC, 29% on Xbox, and 9% on PS4.

Outside of the UK, the title’s launch has also shown impressive results. As reported by Famitsu, Elden Ring’s sales for PS4 and PS5 in Japan reached nearly 280,000 units. FromSoftware hasn’t commented on the total sales of the game.

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