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October 27, 2022

Elon Musk Officially Buys Twitter! It’s Done & The Media Is LOSING Its MINDS

TheQuartering [10/27/2022]

According to TheDailyHive:

confirmed on Thursday that he has officially bought Twitter ahead of a court-imposed deadline to seal the deal.

The richest man in the world purchased the social media platform for $44 billion.

Musk tweeted that he wanted to personally reach out to the public about his motivations for buying Twitter. He says there has been a lot of speculation about why he purchased the platform and what he thinks about advertising, admitting “most of it has been wrong.”

In a tweet captioned, “Dear Twitter Advertisers,” Musk said the social media platform cannot become a “free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences.” He added that “our platform must be warm and welcome to all, where you can choose your desired experience according to your preferences, just as you can choose, for example, to see movies or play video games ringing from all ages to mature.”

The 51-year-old billionaire also said his motivations for buying the platform are so it becomes a “digital town square.”

Musk — whose new Twitter byline now reads “Chief Twit” — posted a video of himself on Wednesday, walking into the company’s San Francisco headquarters carrying a porcelain bathroom sink, where he said he was “meeting a lot of cool people.”

Musk later agreed with a rapper on the platform, Zuby, who suggested that Twitter should “find a way to compensate its top creators” — like every other social media app — to which the CEO tweeted, “absolutely.”

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