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August 9, 2021

Embarrassed! Hundreds Show Up In Support Of Star Wars Shop Owner & Hilariously Dwarfs Protestors

TheQuartering [8/9/2021]

What a great moment of victory over the Cancel Culture Mob!

According to TheDailyWorld:

Don Sucher never asked for nor sought any of this.

The 78-year-old former Vietnam veteran wasn’t seeking fame or fortune. He wasn’t seeking likes and clicks. He wasn’t attempting to have his name splashed across the headlines of mainstream news outlets and the channels of popular online pontificators from around the world, bringing a fair share of infamy with it.

He was more than content opening the doors of his Sucher & Sons Star Wars Store in Aberdeen seven days a week and running the shop he’s run for the better part of two decades.

All that changed this week after a local elected official, Aberdeen City Council member Tiesa Meskis, showed up at Sucher’s store and set forth in motion actions that would reverberate around the globe.

“In 25 years I never encountered this,” Sucher said, commenting that he has had transgender customers before and treats them the same as any other customer coming through the door. “I don’t treat anybody differently. My job is to make them happy and have fun. They buy some stuff and maybe come back.”

Sucher said something didn’t feel right when Meskis and an individual he believed was Meskis’ wife entered the store as shopping wasn’t what Sucher felt they had in mind.

“They came in separately. I was talking to her over here, treating her like a customer, telling her to have fun and everything is half price, and I turn around and (Meskis) came walking this way. … I knew right then he had come to see my sign. I knew he had.”

Sucher states he greeted Meskis, but the council member took offense and the wording used.

“So I said, ‘Oh, I recognize you. You are our councilman.’ And he said, ‘No, I’m your councilwoman.’”

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