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May 25, 2021

Employees FORCED Into Ultra Woke Training & It Sparks Massive Backlash

TheQuartering [5/25/2021]

NYC is literally insane.

According to ThePostMillinial:

New York City employees are now required to complete an online training session developed by the city that goes into gender expression and sexual harassment.

“The new law establishes minimum standards for sexual harassment prevention policies and training. All New York State employers are required to either adopt and use the State‚Äôs model policy and training as-is, or to use the models as a basis to establish their own policy and training,” states the New York State law that requires the training.

The training, developed by the New York City Commission on Human Rights, satisfies state and city requirements for mandatory sexual harassment training that was signed into law back in 2019.

Included as part of the city-created training is a video discussing gender and sexuality, screenshots of which were obtained by the Daily Wire‘s Mairead McArdle.

“We like to define people, right?” A man says, explaining perceptions of gender identity. “So when people are born, society defines them by looking at their reproductive organs and labels them male or female.”

One scene shows a woman at a sonogram appointment, where she excitedly says “It’s a girl!”

A woman responds, saying “Well, actually, it’s more complicated than that.”

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