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July 8, 2022

Epic Backfire For Kindergarten Teacher Selling Spicy Photos!

TheQuartering [7/8/2022]

According to TheNewYorkPost:

She’s been expelled.

An elementary school teacher has been fired after her OnlyFans account was uncovered by her employer — but she’s thankful to have support from fans and the platform, which she called “empowering.”

Sarah Seales, 40, was terminated by bosses at Starbase on June 27 after the educational organization claimed her racy online account was “putting its reputation at risk.”

Starbase is a program run by the Department of Defense that collaborates with local school districts across the country to offer STEM classes to fifth grade students. Seales worked at a Starbase location in South Bend, Indiana, prior to her dismissal.

Outside of the classroom, the single mom had been discreetly running an OnlyFans account, sharing nude selfies with subscribers.

However, her double life was turned upside down late last month when a reporter from Real News Michiana exposed the educator in an online article titled: “Local teacher has porn site on side, has kids call her by nickname she uses on porn site.”

According to the article, Seales used the nickname “Buttercup” while working with students at Starbase. It also revealed that her OnlyFans username was “Buttercup1981.”

The published piece subsequently attracted the attention of Starbase officials, who promptly terminated the blonde bombshell in a letter published on June 27.

“These photos pose a real and immediate risk of harm to the reputation or business dealings of Starbase Indiana, Inc. up to and including the loss of schools, donors, community partners and our contract to operate with the State National Guard,” the letter read in part.

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