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May 27, 2021

Epic Backfire! Pokimane BLASTS Capitalism While Spending $100,000 A Year On Starbucks!

TheQuartering [5/27/2021]

No hate, Pokimane, but let’s not fake the funk. You’re rich solely because of capitalism.

According to PopTopic:

Before calling successful capitalist psychopaths on Twitter, Pokimane revealed that she spends around USD$100K each year alone on Starbucks coffee deliver. A habit, she explains, is part of her lifestyle has a boss and a streamer.

“Capitalism rewards psychopathic behaviour,” Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys tweeted from her personal Twitter account last weekend. The political take seemed a hypocritical to most considering she is the most successful Twitch streamer who has large corporate brands sponsoring her.

During an interview with popular real estate and entrepreneur YouTuber Graham Stephen, Pokimane gave him a quick tour and run down of her multi-million dollar business. While explaining that she has dozen of employees simply managing her finances, including a business manager who decides on banking, property, and business investments, Pokimane also gave Graham a look into her personal life as a millionaire.

Pokimane will send out for an Uber Eats to pick up Starbucks coffee for her and her colleagues 2 to 3 times a day. Each order is easily over USD$125 including the Uber Eats delivery fee. That means Pokimane spends roughly USD$400 per day on coffee and cakes alone, or roughly just over USD$10K per month.

Graham Stephen, who became a millionaire by saving and investing his money, criticised Pokimane for spending so much money on coffee and called it a “waste.”

Pokimane also revealed that only about 5% of her entire earnings comes from donations and Twitch subscribers and that the other 95% comes from big corporate sponsorship deals. She currently has about 5-10 active corporate sponsorships worth well over USD$1 million.

Despite her incredible success as a thriving capitalist the 25-year-old streamer has, on numerous occasions, called out other people who have benefited from capitalism, going as far as to calling the psychopaths.

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