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April 6, 2021

Epic Backfire! SJW’s Try Cancelling Genshin Impact But Forgot 1 Important Thing! #BoycottGenshin

TheQuartering [4/6/2021]

Is GI both racist and promoting pedophilia?

According to Newsweek:

Boycott Genshin Impact‘ is trending on Twitter as gamers accuse the miHoYo game of being racist and including elements of pedophilia.

Critics are using the hashtag #BoycottGenshin to discuss their issues with the game, which involve enemy characters being inspired by indigenous people, racism, and colorism, while there are also calls for gamers to email miHoYo with a template outlining their complaints.

However, fans of Genshin Impact are hitting back at the critics, who they say are misunderstanding important factors.

One issue that critics have with Genshin Impact is that the Hilichurls, a group of enemies in the game, are supposedly inspired by indigenous people.

The Hilichurls are described by the game as being: “The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat’s wildernesses.

“They look very similar to humanity but seem to have lost both their intellect and spirituality. Their presence on the continent has been recorded for over a thousand years, and yet they have neither history nor civilization.

“Since the pitch-black calamity from five hundred years ago, they have begun to spread in large numbers across the land. They are not very strong, and they lack organization, but they nonetheless bring sizable trouble to humans every once in a while.”

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