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August 18, 2022

Epic Fail! A Brand New SJW Video Game Just Dropped & It’s Hilariously Bad!

TheQuartering [8/18/2022]

According to GamePress:

Pulling No Punches is a classic style beat’em up animated frame by frame, where players will try to survive a fictional pandemic in a city filled with madness and denial. The game includes 4 playable characters with unique unlockable moves, extremely detailed environments and local co-op multiplayer up to 4 players. Fans can also use Steam Remote Play to try it online with their friends!

Between April and May 2021, the project had over 1,200 backers in a local crowdfunding campaign focused on the Brazilian audience. The launch has also reached great reception online, with thousands of fans visiting and wishlisting every day, now even featuring on the Steam home page’s Popular Upcoming section.

The game is in development for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and MacOS through a publishing deal with QuByte. A release date for such platforms has not yet been announced.

Punhos de Repúdio is a satirical game in the 2D beat’em up style with classic arcade influences and modern visuals.

The game follows the fictional story of a global pandemic that engulfed the world and is being ignored by fanatics who do not believe that the disease is real. It is up to the main characters, 4 common citizens adequately protected with gloves and masks, to deal with these fanatics and solve the situation with the force of their own fists.

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