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December 1, 2020

Epic Fail PS5 & XBOX Series X Scalpers Get EMBARRASSED By Pranksters & Retailers CANCEL Their Orders

TheQuartering [12/1/2020]

I have to say I love a little bit of justice for these scalpers. Retailers getting in on things to cancel their orders is even better!

According to IGN:

UK retailer Very has reportedly canceled 1,000 Xbox Series X orders allegedly placed by a scalper ring. Eurogamer reports the scalper group claimed this week that it had secured over 1,000 Xbox Series X consoles from a, “very well known online retailer.” This scalping ring reportedly charges £29.99 a month to teach its members how to turn a profit in the resale market themselves.

Then, in an interview with Sky News, Very said the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles listed on its website on Sunday were actually not for sale.

“As a result of a technical error, some people were able to place orders for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles for a short time on Sunday,” a spokesperson with Very said. “However, these items are not on sale and affected customers have received notice that the orders have been cancelled. We apologize for the confusion caused.”

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