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June 16, 2021

Epic Fail! Ratings CRASH For WOKE Nickelodeon! Over 60% Of Viewers Have ABANDONED The Channel!

TheQuartering [6/16/2021]

Get woke, go broke, Nickelodeon. Ratings drop dramatically.

According to ThePostMillenial:

In their official celebrations for Pride Month, the Nickelodeon network has decided to make noticeably outspoken pieces of media in relation to their LGBTQ+ activism.

Recent reporting suggests that if the Viacom-owned channel is trying to get “woke” for the sake of ratings, the plan isn’t working.

The “Meaning of Pride” video uploaded to the Nickelodeon YouTube channel on June 5th doesn’t even allow for ratings. A commonplace feature on the site that is active for other recent videos in the Nickelodeon catalog.

It wasn’t the first time the network brought out drag queen Nina West. Back at the end of May, the Blue’s Clues program decided to have a pride parade that went as far as showcasing cartoon animals that underwent sex change procedures.

A decision that brought the video a staggering 88,000 dislikes.

But the social media behavior of the Nickelodeon brand indicates the company is fully on board with their current political posturing.

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