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May 21, 2021

Epic Fail! Twitch REMOVES Tub Streamers From General Population After Advertisers Complain!

TheQuartering [5/21/2021]

Look, Twitch tub streams are not going anywhere, but this is funny.

According to TechSpot:

It appears Twitch has decided that hot tub meta streams are just a bit too steamy for the platform. One of its famous female stars and someone who has embraced the phenomenon of streaming in a bikini, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, can no longer run ads on her videos—despite not technically breaking any of Twitch’s rules.

Hot tub streams, which started gaining popularity last year, really took off in March, leading to people declaring them the new “meta.” Many of these broadcasts follow much of the same formula as regular streams—playing games, talking to viewers, and so on—except the presenters are in hot tubs wearing swimsuits.

Siragusa is well known for her hot tub streams. With 20,000 subscribers, she’s currently ranked the 22nd most popular streamer on Twitch. But her success hasn’t come without controversy. Much like those female streamers that face criticism over their revealing costumes, streaming from a hot tub attracts plenty of detractors who claim presenters are using their bodies to attract views and subs. Felix’ xQc’ Lengyel, Twitch’s second most popular streamer, branded it “pathetic.”

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