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November 4, 2021

Eternals TANKS To Just 53% Hollywood Says You Will See It Anyway! Marvel Called Flop Proof!

TheQuartering [11/3/2021]

Eternals cost over 100 million to make.

According to ScreenRant:

Here’s how much Eternals cost to make, and what it needs to earn at the box office to be considered a success. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued to be very successful in 2021, with Black Widow and Shang-Chi helping lead a box office resurgence. Even though total grosses are still a ways off from approaching 2019 levels, new Marvel blockbusters have been a boon for exhibitors. Shang-Chi broke the all-time Labor Day record, besting a mark that was set in pre-pandemic times.

Marvel hopes to have another hit on their hands when Eternals arrives in theaters. Directed by Academy Award winner ChloĆ© Zhao, the film introduces a bevy of new characters to the MCU portrayed by an all-star cast. In the past, Marvel’s shown a knack for making household names out of obscure properties like Guardians of the Galaxy, so that track record indicates they’ll be able to achieve something similar with Eternals. Early Eternals box office projections are the highest of Phase 4, which is good considering the movie’s price tag.

Eternals’ reported production budget is around $200 million. That figure makes it one of the pricier non-Avengers movies in the MCU recently. Shang-Chi cost $150 million to make, while Spider-Man: Far From Home cost $160 million. Captain Marvel’s budget was between $150-175 million. In the last few years, Black Widow and Black Panther were MCU solo movies that cost $200 million to make.

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