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August 24, 2022

Ethan Klein BLASTED By Aba & Preach For H3 Podcast Remarks

TheQuartering [8/24/2022]

According to a Reddit User:

It’s funny how hard Ethan has done a 180 on his opinions on deplatforming. Here Ethan says he wants Jon Tron to still have a platform and that people should be able to have a conversation on different topics without the need to silence people even if their opinions are a wildly outlandish. Keep in mind he was referring to Jon Tron who was making Great Replacement arguments an ideology that has literally inspired multiple mass shooting. I believe the one in Buffalo was the most recent. But now Ethan is comparing Andrew Tate to KKK, who probably agree more with what Jon Tron was saying, then what Tate was saying. Looking at Ethan back then and looking at him now it’s like he’s a completely different person. It’s no wonder a lot of his old fans can’t stand him now.

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