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June 10, 2021

Ethan Klein BUSTED Lying About Trisha Paytas & Stuck With $100,000 In Debt From Frenemies Merch

TheQuartering [6/10/2021]

I’m starting to feel bad for Ethan Klein… a little.

According to Dexerto:

Ethan and Trisha’s unlikely partnership made the Frenemies podcast a wild success, uploading 39 episodes that featured the pair discussing the week’s biggest drama, playing games, and more.

But the show came to an abrupt end on June 8 as a result of episode 39, when Trisha and Ethan got into a tense conversation about production costs, along with Trisha claiming they “didn’t get input” on who the team hires.

Trisha subsequently announced via a YouTube video that they would be leaving the show, with Ethan saying he’s “gutted” over the whole situation. Trisha went onto apologize to the team, claiming they felt “embarrassed.”

However, Trisha has now uploaded a series of videos titled ‘Ethan’s Lies’ in which they reacted to the H3H3 star’s own video addressing the situation.

“I can only share the truth, I can only speak my truth. I’m embarrassed, I’m upset, I regret a lot of the past 48 hours, but if there’s just blatant lies, I have to just go through it,” they said.

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