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June 7, 2022

Ethan Klein Goes On UNHINGED Rant Against Kyle Rittenhouse & TheQuartering!

TheQuartering [6/7/2022]

According to PopTopic:

Ethan Klein is out for blood, and he just might get it. The 35-year-old YouTuber insinuated that Leafy is dangerous and capable of murder in a Tweet.

Americans feel divided right on certain political issues. As result there have been riots, looting, arson, and most recently death.

A teen who travelled 30km to protect local businesses from rioters after seeing footage of the Kenosha carnage went viral was later charged with 1st degree murder.

The aforementioned video shows violent protesters burning down a privately owned small car dealership despite the owner showing support for the movements with a “Black Lives Matter” sign.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, travelled 20 minutes to Kenosha. There he spent the day helping citizens clean their city by washing graffiti of buildings.

Later that evening the teen ended up killing 2 and wounding 1 person while standing guard over a local business.

Extended video shows angry protesters threatening and harassing Kyle Rittenhouse. Shortly before the incident, one man — identified as 36-year-old convicted sexual predator Joseph Rosenbaum — charged at him allegedly carrying a Molotov cocktail.

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