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December 6, 2022

Ethan Klein MELTDOWN Backfires After Attacking Jesus! H3 Podcast Fans & Hasan Left Uncomfortable

TheQuartering [12/6/2022]

Ethan Klein has been doing numerous crazy things lately. Including calling for Jesus to be speared.

According to Dextero:

H3H3’s Ethan Klein showed off his nearly year-long weight loss journey where he’s dropped over 30 pounds.

Ethan Klein has been incredibly vocal about his weight loss journey recently.

Over the last few years, Klein has been on an anti-depressant medication that has reshaped his mental health, but it has had the side effect of gaining weight over the same time frame.

After committing to a new diet and exercise plan, Klein has shown off how he lost 30 pounds and hit a two-year weight low.

The 37-year-old California native showed off before and after pictures spanning the course of seven months in total.

Klein showed off a picture of him when he interviewed fellow YouTubers iDubbz back in May 2022. Since then, Ethan has dropped 30 pounds in total.

“So the shirts are less tight, obviously, and things are fitting nicer. I’m just feeling encouraged and happy to see that I’m finally making progress. For the longest time, it felt like progress was impossible.”

Klein attributed his weight loss to cutting out binge eating, eating less overall. and exercising on the treadmill every single day. He also said that watching anime while using the treadmill helps him get through the exercise, especially on the days when he doesn’t feel like walking.

Although he didn’t see progress for quite some time, his hard work and dedication are finally paying off.

The H3 Podcast host also said that his weight loss goal is to be under 200 pounds, a weight he will easily achieve if he continues his current trend.

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