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November 3, 2021

FBI Investigating Amber Heard!!

TheQuartering [11/3/2021]

She might get what she deserves!

According to ChipAndCo:

Amber Heard Faces FBI-Backed Perjury Investigation. Amber Heard could be facing jail time in Australia for the smuggling of her Yorkshire Terrier dogs Pistol and Boo into the Land Down Under back in 2015 during a film shoot for ex-husband Johnny Depp.

After a statement made in London courts by Depp’s attorney claiming Heard ordered Depp and his estate manager to remain quiet about her bringing her dogs into Australia on a private jet in 2015 without declaring them or obtaining the proper paperwork, Australian officials began an FBI-backed criminal probe investigation to allow AU officials to question those close to the actress and event in the US. The claim of Heard’s order comes from Depp’s former estate manager Kevin Murphy.

Murphy went as far as to claim that Heard threatened his job should he not comply with her plans, which would indicate that Heard lied about not knowing the customs laws and had predetermined her plan to smuggle the dogs into Australia. Sharing, “When I expressed that I was extremely uncomfortable with this, Ms. Heard said to me ‘Well I want your help on this … I wouldn’t want you to have a problem with your job. It became very apparent that Ms. Heard was threatening my job stability unless I cooperated with providing a declaration that supported her false account for the Australian proceedings. Because of this, I felt extreme pressure to cooperate, despite knowing this would involve being untruthful.

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