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April 27, 2021

Female Streamer BLASTS Tub Meta & Makes Twitch Look Foolish! Annie Fuchsia Roasts Normalizing Trash

TheQuartering [4/27/2021]

Annie Fuchsia, a popular Twitch streamer, lays down some facts about the new tub meta.

According to Dexerto:

Hot tub streams are not exactly entirely new on Twitch, and have been used sporadically as a way to get around Twitch’s policy on suggestive attire.

Because Twitch will allow swimsuits to be worn if the context warrants it (such as being at the beach or swimming), the hot tub effectively operates as somewhat of a loophole to wear more ‘suggestive’ outfits.

In early 2021, it has become a “meta” on Twitch – with an increasing number of streamers, mainly female streamers (though not only female streamers), doing frequent hot tub streams.

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