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July 1, 2021

Female Streamers Turn On Each Other! Allinty DEMANDS Bans For Amouranth & IndieFoxx After Aburd Bans

TheQuartering [6/30/2021]

We have a cat fight!

According to GINX:

Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon is a popular Twitch star who is no stranger to her own controversies. This follows several incidents of violating Twitch Terms of Service (TOS), including an accidental “nip slip” on stream. It is therefore ironic that she, of all people, would take a stand and call on Twitch to take action against repeat offenders, like fellow OnlyFans model and Twitch streamer, Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres.

After serving just a 3-day ban from Twitch with Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa for their ASMR mic licking stints, Indiefoxx received yet another ban a week later, totalling 6 bans from the streaming platform this year. This has seemingly prompted Alinity to speak out about the alleged “unfair treatment” by Twitch regarding their moderation.

Alinity took to Twitter, venting by saying: “so is Twitch gonna start doing something about repeat offenders? Or is it fair game for everyone to start stretching the TOS as thin as they can?”. She later commented that she has benefitted by “this blurred line” before, but previously thought (and still does think) that it was “messed up”. 

t’s welcoming to hear that even Alinity agrees that Twitch should have consistency and equal treatment in implementing their moderation policies. Indeed, we agree that there is no point in having a TOS if it’s not implemented fairly.

As we previously mentioned, Indiefoxx has received a total of 6 bans this year alone. Since she has not lost her Twitch partner status, we can expect that her suspension will be lifted in the (probably not too distant) future. To top it off, Indiefoxx has not endured a suspension lasting longer than 3 days, which compared to the 3-month long accidental ban of Jon Zherka’s channel seems absolutely unfair and completely absurd.

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