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May 20, 2021

Feminist Collective Apartment Listing Goes Viral For HILARIOUS Reason

TheQuartering [5/20/2021]

I don’t know on what planet anyone would pay to live in these conditions.

According to the ThePostMillianial:

An online advertisement for a room opening in an Antifa housing collective and unregulated prostitution facility in Portland has gone viral after being met by a barrage of ridicule by social media users.

An advertisement for Creature’s Co-Op was posted on Facebook seeking a “secret roommate” to reside in an eight feet by eight feet corner of a living room built out of recycled doors and a shower curtain for $302 a month, including other charges. Screenshots from the advertisement were posted on Twitter last week, prompting thousands of retweets and comments ridiculing the advert’s stringent and bizarre rules.

The Twitter user who uploaded the screenshots of the advert called the housing offer an “exploitative scam nightmare” trying to take advantage of people in desperate need.

“You: ACAB [All cops are bastards], don’t be ableist, racist homophobic, transphobic, a misogynist, etc.” reads the first rule in the advertisement. From there, the rules state the renter must be okay with the noise and sex services performed at the home. “Your walls don’t extend all the way to the ceiling so you will hear a lot of stuff,” the post reads. “[You must be] okay with SWers [sex workers], we have three in our house and frequently have loud sex noises.”

Whoever moves in must also have little to no belongings and be okay with the home being used to host homeless people on the couch.

Creature’s Co-Op is run by 27-year-old Brandy “Jo” Taylor Fish. Fish was a large donor to Defense Fund PDX, an Antifa bail group that raises cash for criminal suspects such as Malik Muhammed, of Indiana, who was charged with the attempted murder of law enforcement officers using firebombs at Portland riots.

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