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February 22, 2022

Film Critic DESTROYED After Stomach Churning Review Of Pixar Movie Turning Red!

TheQuartering [2/22/2022]

According to PiratesandPrincesses:

Pixar’s Turning Red is getting a lot of negative social media attention for various reasons. From production staff being upset that the film was not getting a theatrical release, to criticism of the ‘CalArts’ art style trending on Twitter, to the film being a metaphor for menstruation.

And now we can add the film being called “unapologetically horny” by Variety film critic Courtney Howard. On Twitter, she said this about the film…

TurningRed/ #PixarTurningRed is hilarious, heartfelt & unapologetically horny. A sentimental story about parental problems, puberty & pandas that’s endearingly oddball & off-kilter in the best way. Good world building & teen bops. Sandra Oh & newcomer Rosalie Chiang are splendid.

While Howard’s tweets have since gone protected, screen caps of the tweet can still be found floating around Twitter.

While it’s unclear exactly what Ms. Howard meant by “unapologetically horny,” it’s probably not something Disney would want associated with a film that focuses on a preteen girl. However, as an independent film critic, she’s entitled to her opinion.

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