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March 23, 2021

Fire EVERYONE At Marvel Right Now! This Is Totally INSANE

TheQuartering [3/23/2021]

All the new writers for Marvel don’t like classic superhero stories.

According to the LaughingPlace:

Writer Vita Ayala joined Ryan Penagos on Marvel Live today to discuss their ongoing “Children of the Atom” and “New Mutants” titles. Spoilers for these two titled ahead.

The two open up by talking about “Children of the Atom #1,” with Ayala explaining that it feels weird to be able to talk about it after the recently-released first issue was delayed for a year.

Ayala reveals that at the end of this issue, we find out that the kids aren’t actually mutants and calls this series “the only human perspective book that we have in the X-line right now.”

Ayala also talked about getting to write these new characters in addition to classic characters like Wolverine and Storm, saying “it was really incredible to see them come to life, it feels really special.”

Moving on to “New Mutants,” Penagos asked Ayala about the Shadow King being the villain in this book. “It’s a hard line to talk, right? Because one of the things that, you know, is encouraged on the island,” Ayala said. “Be as mutant as you can be, be true to you mutant nature. But what does that mean for characters whose mutant nature seems to be inextricably twined with doing things that are harmful. I wanted to kind of explore that a little bit.”

As far as what we can expect from these titles in the future, Ayala gave a little tease for both. “You think you know what’s going on after the end of the first issue,” Ayala said of “Children of the Atom.”

“You think you know all the players and how all the pieces fit together and it’s not true. You do not know what’s going on.” Regarding “New Mutants,” Ayala said “It’s just going to get creepier hopefully, but also there will be some relief. The plan is intense, you know, intense action but pizza parties too.” You can check out Mack’s review of “Children of the Atom #1” here.

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