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June 7, 2021

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Called RIGGED As Suspicious Video Emerges

TheQuartering [6/7/2021]

Was Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Rigged? I think so, but I guess we’ll never know. They got a lot of peoples’ $50s, though.

According to MeaWW:

On Sunday, May 6, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fought eight rounds in their exhibition boxing match at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. There was no “official” winner of the match but fans didn’t need judges to see the domination after it went for full eight rounds. 

Logan, 26, came out strong and even landed a handful of serious power shots. Floyd, 44, really started to open up in round 3 in front of a fired-up crowd. Because it was an exhibition, no winner was announced. “He’s strong, tough, he’s better than I thought he was,” Mayweather said. “As far as the big guys, the heavyweights, it’s going to be hard. It was good action, I was surprised by him. I had fun. He knew how to use his weight and tie me up tonight.” 

As soon as round 8 got over, fans started reacting to the no knockout match. One person said, “alright so why tf did we not get a knockout. didn’t pay 60$ to see two grown men hugging while 2 other grown men make tiktok jokes.” While another one said, “Ya, Floyd was being generous. It was still an exciting fight even though we didn’t get to see a knockout.” Another one called the fight “rigged” and said, “#MayweatherPaul this fight was rigged Floyd wasn’t allowed to knockout but he still would have won because of his stats. Logan threw 73 and only landed 7. Floyd threw 14 and landed 7. I AM DISGUSTED.”

One person said, “I’m really impressed by Logan! And disappointed that there was no knockout.” While some said that Mayweather is not good with ‘knockouts’ saying, “Floyd has never been a knockout artist lol and Logan is way bigger than him,” and “He’s not a knockout artist so I don’t think anyone really expected him too. Just one of the greatest technical fighters ever.”

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