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December 3, 2020

Forbes BLASTS XBOX Series X! Biggest Disappointment Of 2020 (I Disagree) They Roast The PS5 Too!

TheQuartering [12/2/2020]

I understand where this author might be coming from, but to call the Xbox Series X a disappointment this early seems insane. Its just waiting on some great games.

According to Forbes:

November’s gaming release madness is finally behind us, and as a day-one owner of an Xbox Series X, so is the excitement I once had for my new console. Despite its technical brilliance and the fact it’s a genuinely worthwhile investment for the coming years, the XSX has disappointed me.

The Series X is the first major console release that feels like a small step for gaming, rather than a giant leap. Sure, loading times are lightning-quick; framerates are largely superb; dynamic lighting is on a whole new level. But has it delivered anything close to the awesome experience I built up in my head?

Nah. It just feels like a better Xbox One X. 

Thanks to Microsoft’s platform-wide OS, a lack of optimized games, as well as the comparatively decent technical performance of the One X that came before it, there’s nothing particularly stunning about the Series X in 2020, save for its monolithic design. It doesn’t feel exciting–just an inevitable upgrade for gamers like me who’ve bought into the Microsoft gaming ecosystem.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. This is the norm now. I’d be willing to wager that plenty of PS5 owners are having the same feelings about their own new consoles, even if it’s the earliest days.

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