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July 28, 2021

Frightening New YouTube Exploit Takes Down Jim Browning Channel & More

TheQuartering [7/28/2021]

Jim Browning is hoping to get his channel back soon.

According to Belfast Telegraph:

A Northern Ireland YouTuber known for busting the activities of scammers across the world has been tricked by a fraudster himself.

Well-known under the pseudonym Jim Browning, he has spent years turning the tables on fraudsters at scam call centres in India, as a way of exposing their methods and educating those watching.

Browning’s videos usually see him take on the role of someone falling victim to a tech support scam, detailing to viewers the language and tactics used by scammers.

However, despite his vast experience studying scammers and even successfully hacking into a scam support call-centre in India, the man himself fell victim to a tech support scam on Monday.

Mr Browning revealed on social media the scammers convinced him to delete his YouTube account – along with his 3.2 million subscribers.

“So to prove that anyone can be scammed, I was convinced to delete my @YouTube channel because I was convinced I was talking @YouTubeCreators support,” he tweeted.

In another post on the man’s Patreon page, he added: “If you’re on the ball, you’ll have noticed that my YouTube channel has been deleted.

“It’s the result of a scam …. Yes I fell for it.

“It only goes to prove that if you get the circumstances just right, ANYONE can fall for a scam.

“I am hoping that YouTube Support can recover the situation by 29th July and I can get the channel back, but they’ve not promised anything as yet. I just hope it is recoverable.

“I will make a video on how all of this went down, but suffice to say, it was pretty convincing until the very end. I hope to post a positive update soon.”

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