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September 22, 2022

G4TV Covers Up FIRING Frosk As Viewership TANKS & Kevin Pereira QUITS Issuing Statement Live To Fans

TheQuartering [9/22/2022]

According to GameRant:

Esports personality Indiana “Froskurinn” Black announced that she will be leaving G4 after over a year with the gaming network. Froskurinn rose to prominence as a color commentator for League of Legends‘ professional esports scene, featuring multiple times in both regional finals and the League of Legends World Championship. With its revival late last year, Frosk joined G4 to work on esports-related content for the Comcast-owned network. Now, Frosk has revealed that she is saying goodbye to G4.

Frosk officially revealed she will be leaving G4 through her Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon. The esports commentator thanked her coworkers at G4 for their time working together, paying particular mention to both G4’s esports department and the group that works on X-Play. Froskurinn jokingly referenced the show’s lizard, nicknamed “Gex” after the game franchise, as being a member of G4 she will “especially miss.” Frosk did not make any mention of her future plans within the gaming industry after leaving the network.

Throughout her time at G4, Frosk was known for her openness with speaking her mind about inequalities within the gaming industry. A notable instance from earlier this year on a G4 segment saw Froskurinn railing against sexism within the gaming industry. Froskurinn claimed that she had been the victim of sexism during her time at G4, claiming that she received unfair treatment and backlash from fans for being a woman or not perceived to be as “attractive” as her other female coworkers. Frosk was a part of multiple projects within G4 including X-Play, Boosted, and the D&D live series Invitation to Party.

Froskurinn’s departure from G4 comes as part of layoffs that have seen somewhere between 20 and 30 members of the network’s staff released. Frosk was one of the first confirmed departures from the network with others like Peter Berube, known for his role as “Drunkle Ted” on Attack of the Show, also confirming his departure. The layoffs come just under a year after the network officially relaunched in November 2021 with a variety of gaming YouTubers and streamers joining G4’s revival.

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