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November 23, 2020

Get WOKE Go Broke! Disgraceful Thundercats Roar Officially CANCELLED! Cartoon Network SJW Failure

TheQuartering [11/23/2020]

So, how is the owning the chuds going there, Cartoon Network?

According to an IMDB User:

Do you know the feeling seeing a show almost feel like a choir to do?, Well this is actually worse, and even the target demographic feels like that. Maybe if you never have seen anything good, but even free videos on YouTube have better story, animation, jokes and voice acting.

This makes me sad to to see how much we cheat the newer generation, they are told this is entertainment for them, and they know it’s bad and worthless if they have ever seen anime or older shows like Avatar the Last Airbender. I feel like a species we might have peeked and now it feels like we in the west no longer can make shows, without them looking cheese and cheap. It’s insulting to the next generation that this is what they get to see.

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