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February 24, 2021

Gina Carano Hate Mob Finds A New Mandalorian Target! Demands To FIRE Rosario Dawson From Lucasfilm

TheQuartering [2/24/2021]

The hate mob does one thing: hate. Now that Gina Carano is fired, they have turned their sights on a new target.

According to the Inverse:

Gina Carano’s firing from the role of Cara Dune changed the landscape of The Mandalorian and reshaped the overall Star Wars fan experience. Suddenly, the fandom wasn’t divided by Abrams vs. Johnson or prequels v. sequels. The only thing that seemed to matter was where you stood on #FireGinaCarano vs. #IStandWithGina.

How did it happen? An alliance of extremely dedicated — and extremely young — fans took it on themselves to make sure everyone was included, even in the face of derision. Inverse spoke to three people behind the #FireGinaCarano movement to find out how they got one of the Star Wars galaxy’s biggest stars fired, why it matters, and, most importantly, what happens next.

It all started on September 8, 2020 when Carano liked a comment by a YouTuber claiming people “with pronouns in their bios” were mad about the video he made defending her. That led to a number of accounts replying to her explaining why people put pronouns in their bios — not just in support and solidarity with trans people, but just to make it easier to speak to each other. They pointed to her co-star, Pedro Pascal, who put his pronouns in his display name.

In response, Carano blocked them.

“IM CRYING IT ONLY TOOK FOUR MINS” tweeted Kennedy (@darthsokas) when Gina blocked her. Later, Kennedy, who asked to remain anonymous beyond their Twitter account, reflected on that moment.

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