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February 21, 2021

Gina Carano Reveals INSANE Punishment From Disney & Lucasfilm! The Mandalorian & Pedro Pascal Dirt

Thequartering [2/21/2021]

This is absolutely insane. In any other industry, this would be lawsuit city, but Disney gets to do this, apparently.

According to IndieWire:

Since being fired by Disney off the “Star Wars” spinoff series “The Mandalorian” earlier in February, MMA fighter and actress Gina Carano has remained a subject of endless fascination in the media. Capitalizing on that and seeking to expand her collaboration with The Daily Wire, Carano sat down for a special episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show” this weekend to talk about what went down behind the scenes in the lead-up to her firing and what’s next for the actress.

Carano’s firing occurred after an Instagram post in which she compared being Republican in the current U.S. political climate to being Jewish during the Holocaust. Carano told Ben Shapiro that she didn’t expect the post to be controversial and that her message was misunderstood. She said she was “inspired by the gentle spirit of the Jewish people going through that time,” adding, “When I posted that it wasn’t something that I felt was controversial. It was something that I thought, well, maybe all of us need to ask ourselves how that happened.”

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