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September 22, 2023

Google BUSTED Hiding Youtube Competitors Hit With Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuit & The DOJ!

TheQuartering [9/21/2023]

According to GhostINternet:

YouTube has 2.1+ billion active users. It is, unquestionably, the largest and most popular video-sharing platform on the internet. Apart from hosting 800+ million videos, YouTube has emerged to be one of the most powerful marketing and revenue-generation tools out there.

Part of the reason why YouTube is so popular is that users can watch any video for free, or can they?

YouTube isn’t truly free. You pay with your privacy for every video you watch. The Google-owned video-sharing site employs aggressive user tracking for what it calls ‘customizing your experience’. It records everything from the videos you watch and the people you communicate with to your location and Chrome browsing history.

YouTube is simply too big for its competitors. That said, increasing privacy concerns coupled with annoying ads, censorship, and copyright issues encourage viewers and content creators to look for alternatives.

Other video platforms are still not on the same level as Google’s video-hosting site. None of them can fully replace it. If you think you won’t find your favorite videos outside YouTube, you can continue to use it while you protect your digital identity with a YouTube VPN.

CyberGhost VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your internet traffic, so you can surf the internet with enhanced privacy. This way, YouTube or any other Google service won’t be able to track your data based on your IP address. That said, ensure you’re not logged into Google. If you are, YouTube can still track some information with your profile.

Switch to other video platforms to put an end to this outrage at once! Let’s compare the best alternatives to YouTube and see how they match up for your entertainment needs.

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