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September 19, 2023

GTA 6 Will Have WOKE Cops? Game Removes Beloved Modes To Appease Woke Journos & More

TheQuartering [9/18/2023]

According to GamingBible:

Grand Theft Auto VI might just make the internet explode when it’s officially revealed. Rockstar Games continues to remain tight-lipped about the upcoming title, despite the fact that fans have figured out plenty about it from the enormous leaks.

As I’m sure you’ll be fully aware, last September, the mother of all GTA VI leaks surfaced online as a result of a network intrusion at Rockstar Games – the studio confirmed as such in a statement, therefore proving that the early gameplay footage that had found its way into the hands of the public was indeed the real thing. ‘Early’ is the main word to keep in mind here, of course – the stuff we saw was by no means finished or polished, and plenty could change before release.

Although Rockstar was quick to banish any semblance of the leaked footage and screenshots from the internet, fans were even faster to grab everything they could, and they’ve been analysing it ever since. As a result, we certainly know a lot more about the upcoming title than we were meant to at this point.

One interesting rumour posted by @GTAVI_Countdown on Twitter alleges that the early footage has highlighted a really interesting overhaul to the behaviour of the game’s police officers. Specifically, it’s claimed that the police appear to be able to recognise players’ vehicles, adding a bit more depth to pursuits. Additionally, it’s alleged that police will take their time showing up to crime scenes rather than just appearing out of thin air, and will both surround the area and give players the opportunity to surrender.

Again, even if these details hold true in the early footage, we might not see all the leaked features carry over to the final game – especially since Rockstar Games hasn’t been willing to show us anything from the title yet on an official level. We’ll have to stay frosty for now.

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