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December 29, 2020

Hasan HATES The Belle Delphine SPICY Video! She Makes 1 Million A Month!!

TheQuartering [12/29/2020]

Look, for science, I reviewed the video, but unlike Hasan, I gave it a slightly better score!

According to SportsSkeeda:

Recently, an obscene clip was leaked by Belle Delphine on Christmas day 2020, and it has taken the internet by storm.

Belle Delphine had been throwing hints about an obscene video that she was planning to post on her OnlyFans account. The video was then confirmed by her in a tweet last month, followed by a vague discussion between her and YouTuber/boxer Olajide Olayinka “KSI” Williams Olatunji.

However, part of the video in question is reported to have been leaked and has been trending on Twitter. Multiple YouTubers/content creators have talked about this leaked video, and viewers appear to be divided.

Belle Delphine and KSI were engaged in a vague Twitter discussion that most fans thought was confirmation that the latter would also feature in the video.

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