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June 23, 2023

Hasan TORCHED By Dr Disrespect Over Call Of Duty Boycott & Asmongold Gets Dragged Into It All

TheQuartering [6/23/2023]

According to Dextero:

Twitch star Asmongold is defending Hasan after the content creator joked about Dr Disrespect cheating on his wife in the midst of the NICKMERCS Pride month controversy.

NICKMERCS’ comments about Pride month in schools and Call of Duty removing his Operator skin set off a firestorm in the streaming community. While some sided with him, others were seriously opposed.

One of the first names to voice support of NICKMERCS was Dr Disrespect, who uninstalled CoD and demanded that Activision apologize for removing the skin. This ultimately resulted in Hasan joking that Doc was more loyal to Nick than he was to his own wife.

In response, the two-time hit back at the “fat phony” and warned that he wouldn’t dare say those things in person. However, Asmongold believes that Hasan was within his right to make those remarks, even if he did so on Dr Disrespect’s anniversary.

During a stream on his secondary channel, Asmongold stated that while Hasan was “mean” for making the comments, Dr Disrespect made a bad decision.

He cheated on his f**king wife. Hasan is not obligated to be nice to Dr Disrespect. Am I crazy? We joke about Doc cheating constantly,” he explained. “Everyone is going to act like Hasan did that and he’s the worst guy ever?”

The OTK leader also took issue with those believing Hasan specifically made those comments to coincide with Doc’s anniversary.

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