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March 31, 2023

He Took A Selfie Over Mans Corpse While His Kid Cried, Posted It On TikTok & Was SHOCKED At BACKLASH

TheQuartering [3/31/2023]

According to TheNYPost:

A TikToker who recorded a Canadian dad being fatally stabbed in front of his daughter and fiancée at a Starbucks is facing backlash after he allegedly took a selfie next to the victim’s body and smiled while filming the horrifying scene.

Alex Bodger shot a sickening video of Paul Stanley Schmidt being attacked outside the Vancouver coffee shop Sunday after asking his alleged assailant to not to vape in front of his 3-year-old daughter, the Toronto Sun reported.

Bodger — who goes by Gora Pakora on TikTok — appeared to smirk when he shot the unfolding incident, according to the news outlet.

“This motherf— just died, bro. He just died, bro, holy f—!” he exclaimed, drawing the wrath of people who slammed him for capitalizing on a ghastly crime.

“This is the TikTok generation. I fear for our disgusting future,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another wrote, “I was so disgusted by his actions and words that I honestly was speechless… No emotion period.”

But Bodger told Global News that he was traumatized by the event.

“It’s not something you think you would see walking down the street in Vancouver on a Sunday,” Bodger told the outlet. “Every time I think about the situation, I get this feeling in my chest which is pure fear.”

But according to one Twitter user, Bodger also took a selfie next to the victim’s body and even returned the following day to smoke at the crime scene.

The man later posted a video in which he tried to explain his actions — saying he tends to smile during “uncomfortable situations.”

“So I’m walking down the road, I thought I see a street fight … so I start running over there. I start videotaping and I see some blood and so I just thought maybe there was a bloody nose or something,” he says in the video.

“My brain wasn’t allowing me to believe what was happening. And I knew he was dead, but at the same time, this my first time ever experiencing this, right, so like, my brain is just like ‘He’s dead’ so I start screaming,” Bodger says.

“The murderer is standing right there, all that’s going through my head is like, ‘Holy f—, I’m standing right here screaming he’s dead … what if he come at me and f— kills me.’ But I’m in so much shock just standing there,” he continues.

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